Have you ever said good bye or simply has some one stepped out of your life without you being able to say good bye? It has happened to me a lot of times, friends that I took for granted and one day I realized we lost contact with each other, other people that I did not want in my life definitively and I stepped aside.

 The most of this people we are aware they are still some where alive, but what happens to others that passed away and we never got the chance to give a farewell? What happens if is not a human being but a dog?

The most of us have faced human death at least once in our lives, we normally have a proper farewell ceremony, our beloved deceased is treated with respect and family and friends are also respectfully consoled during the grief, but what happens with our beloved pets? They are not people but we loved them the same, heart does not distinguish between species, and yet they are not treated with the same respect as they deserve for being an important part of our lives.

At the end of last year my male Labrador passed away, he was around 10 years old, I researched on Google and apparently, Lab’s life expectancy is between 10 and 12 years old, I got sad and angry he could not stay longer with us.

When he died, I could not be with him, I was at work when my mom told me he was having difficulties to breath, she already called the nearby vets but no one was available, so I decided to go home and try to find a vet on my way, unfortunately I was not even on my feet when she called again telling me he was gone, I only got home to arrange his cremation, which as I mention above, was full of disrespect to my beloved pet, I think a potato bag would had been  more respected than my pet!!

 As days passed by, one of the images that came to my mind when I thought about my dog, was he walking away with the Death by his side, so I got on with it, I was so focused on it that I had my sketch ready in one afternoon, here is how it looks like, I tried to picture death not as something evil or bad or frightening, I pictured It like an antique lady with grey hair who take us to go to the other side to continue our way in this universe.


And finally, after about a month of hard work, I got the full artwork in oil technique completed in  31.5 x 4y inches canvas (80 x 120 cm), It helped me a lot  in my grief and also it was a memorable and proper good bye to my loved pet.