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Lila Kitty’s Project

A couple of years back, a female cat arrived to the neighborhood, she settled in one of my neighbor’s roof, inside an improvised room full of junk, we could see her from our windows, she was beautiful, her fur  was dappled color.

Some days later we saw her licking a couple of tiny little kittens, we realized she stopped by to give birth to her cubs, one of them was completely white and the other was kind of Siamese type, both were gorgeous.

As it was expected, the cat mom could not get out to hunt food, so we began to drop her some croquettes we had for our cats at home, as time passed we could see how the kittens grown and sadly one day we lost of sight the white one, I do not know what could happened to him/her, it is hard for street cats to survive, nevertheless we continue feeding the remaining cat family.

As the time passed by, we noticed the cat mom used to disappear for days and when she was around she used to turned aggressive against her last remaining Siamese kitten, we even used to yell her to calm down, like she would have understood… anyway we determined that the little kitten should be rescued!!  I do not know if we were right or wrong, but we could not avoid to get involved in the situation.

The neighbor whose roof the cats were living at did not like kittens, and he did not even notice the cats were there, as I mention… the roof was full of junk so It is not hard to imagine why he did not noticed a living beings in his roof.

Fortunately, another neighbor with access to the same roof (do not ask me how) could catch the little kitten when the cat mom was not around, and brought her to us, we found out that the kitten was a she, probably that is the reason the cat mom did not want her any more, they were both females in natural rivalry.

That is the story of how we adopted our third cat Lila, that is the name we gave her, now she is a grown up female cat, she can go anywhere inside and outside the house, she is even free to leave if she wanted, but she does not leave, we like to think it is because she feels happy with us and her new cat family.

Now, below are the images of my last art project, Lila was my muse for this one :).

First I draw the body reference with pencil in special paper for Oil technique.


I gradually began to add more details directly with the oil paint, it is not recommended to saturate details with the pencil, it can caused the paper to get spotted and it will be difficult to cover all the marks, especially in white sections.

In the next picture you can see the painting is almost ready, I got so involved in the process that I forgot to take more photos, sorry about that :(.


And finally, here is the finished work, I liked the result, I feel like I can take one of her paws.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the original art work, please visit my shop, also I would be glad to make a custom work for you :).