Albert Einstein – Pencil Sketch

This weekend I decided to work on a portrait project, I chose Albert Einstein who is  one of my favorites personalities since I was young.

When I was at high school I watched a play about his personal life and ideology, I discovered that besides a scientist, he was also a very sensitive person.

Below you can se a comparison of the original photo and my pencil sketch, I really liked the result, what do you think?

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Very Fist Opening Post!!!

Well… this is my very first post in my whole entire life… amazing ahh?… at this point when being social is the most normal thing,  everyone post even when they go to the super market. I think that is the reason I was so reluctant to begin a blog for my self, I do not want to end up posting irrelevant things, I have to admit I have done it a couple of times in the past, that time I had a super  meal that was so delicious that I ended up sharing it with the world, at least my social media environment, haha, is not that I am proud of it 😛

Moving forward… I created this blog because I discovered I do have something to share, I have some art ideas, projects in mind that I would like you to be part of 🙂

Over the years, even when I am not a professional  or full time artist, I have gathered a little art collection made by  myself, Is  now that I decided to share it with you, some of them were made when I was at high school, and some others are from this month.

Below you can see a serie of three original art oil paintings inspired on Steampunk genre.

The first one I created was the heart (July 2015) and the last one was the brain (November 2016), yes it was this month… It took me a long time to finish the complete serie, it is kind of hard to force your mind to create a specific genre, specially when mine wander off the subject so easily, and specially creativity … it is so hard to force it to go in one direction.

If you want to see more details about each one, please visit my Portfolio section, you will be able to see each one of my projects in larger size. Also, If you would like to have some of this on your wall, visit my Shop, I have prints available for each one.

Currently the images you will see in the store and in this site are water mark protected, so sorry about that 😦 but it is the only way I could find to protect the intelectual property of my art, as I mention before, my creativity is so hart to squeeze some times…